Don't take our word for it


    "I LOVE the Ayurvedic coffee spice (Tola), I can hardly drink coffee without Tola anymore - I always carry it with me in my handbag and have left a packet at work - my colleagues are already addicted too... not only, that it tastes so good, but I also tolerate the coffee much better. I have a sensitive stomach and since I spiced my coffee Ayurvedic I haven't had any problems - brilliant!!"

    Dr. med. Christine W.B.

    Munich, Germany


    The Book - Compinche:

    "Exciting from the first to the last page with moments that brought tears of emotion to my eyes and passages that made me laugh. The lively writing gives you the feeling of being part of this unique adventure."

    Margit P

    Pürgen, Germany


    "Die Tage werden kühler und kürzer, was bedeutet, dass meine Zeit für gemütliche Teestunden zurück ist! Ich habe kürzlich etwas Superleckeres entdeckt: Bei Alonga, deren Gewürze ich schon seit Ewigkeiten liebe (besonders Madhura für MEIN Porridge), gibt es jetzt Sadhana, eine Superfoodmischung mit Roter Beete. Einfach mit warmer oder kalter Milch der Wahl (oder sogar heißem Wasser, wenn mir Milch zu schwer ist) mischen, und voilà! Diese Mischung ist nicht nur köstlich, sondern dank des enthaltenen Ashwagandha gleite ich auch noch leichter in mein Zen. ☺️Absolute Empfehlung! Prost auf gemütliche Herbsttage und leckere Entdeckungen! 🍵😄"

    Corinna O.

    Tegernsee, Germany


    "Alonga Spices added a new dimension to my cooking. They are an easy way to experiment with new flavours. I would highly recommend these spices to people that care abouttheir health and want to try something new."

    Patrick E.

    Sao Paulo, Brazil


    “Whether you're a matcha enthusiast or new to the experience, I highly recommend Alonga's Shakti Matcha. Treat yourself to a mug of this deliciousness, and you'll be embracing both health and flavour in a single cup.”

    Alexandra B.

    Amsterdam, Holland


    "Vielen Dank für dieses tolle Compinche Buch. Die Sprache, die Erlebnisse … ich war gefesselt und hatte das Gefühl bei Euch gewesen zu sein."

    Ulrike R.

    Hannover, Germany


    "Als Ärztin für Naturheilverfahren weiß ich die Wirkung von Matcha sehr zu schätzen, fand den Geschmack aber immer etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig.
    Der Matcha von Alonga aber ist super lecker mit weichem, vanilligen Geschmack."

    Kirsten K.


    Our product promise

    Consistently Ayurvedic

    With the knowledge of a millennium-old tradition Ayurveda means 'wisdom of life'. The Ayurvedic diet, in which spices play a particularly important role not only for taste but also for our metabolism, harmonizes the life energies and brings them into balance. Our spice blends are exclusively based on the principles of this Ayurvedic science. For each of our creations, high-quality spices are selected according to their compatibility and their effect on the metabolism.

    100% organic

    our contribution to man and nature Conventionally grown spices often have a high pollution level due to pesticides, insecticides and other pesticides. For this reason, we only use raw materials from controlled organic farming.

    Organic seal for our manufactory

    The highest quality standards also apply to our manufacturing process. The ALONGA spice manufactory is certified organic and is regularly inspected.

    Roasting and crushing -The uniqueness of our spice blends

    All suitable raw spices are carefully roasted and ground by hand. Through this elaborate process, the essential oils are preserved longer, develop a more intense aroma and give the food a highly refined taste.

    Without the addition of preservatives or other additives

    We trust in the power of spices. Our spice blends consist exclusively of valuable and natural raw materials. We do not use any preservatives or fillers and do not add salt or sugar. A shelf life of at least 6 months is guaranteed by our crushing and gentle roasting process.

    We asked the renowned ayurvedic doctor in India, Dr. Sundara Raman, to evaluated ALONGA's spices according to the Ayurvedic principles.

    1. MADHURA SRISE MIX - Highly sattvic, tri-doshic, mainly Pitta-Vata balancing, nourishes prana, improves digestion, dry cough, memory 'enhancer, menstrual cramps, and abdominal discomforts.

    2. LAVANA SPICE MIX - Highly sattvic, tri-doshic, mainly Kapha-Vata balancing, improves appetite, helpful in failed digestion, abdominal discomforts, sore throat, cold, cough, poor-circulation, balances the energy in the liver and lungs, obesity and the best antidote for overeating heavy foods and helps to digest breads better.

    3. RASA MASALA MIX - Highly sattvic, tri-doshic, mainly balances Vata-Kapha balancing, improves Agni, helpful in failed digestion, immune booster, blood-purifier, best antidote for non-organic foods, useful to balance the energy in the joints, lungs, liver, and uterus.

    4. VYOSHA SPICE MIX - an excellent combination mentioned in Ayurvedic classics, thousands of years ago, balances Kapha and Vata dosha, with food balances all three doshas, increases the appetite and promote digestion, useful in digestive and respiratory diseases, increases the immune function, recurrent cold and cough, very effective in sinusitis.

    5. TOLA SPICE MIX - tridoshic, immune-booster, balances the energy in kidneys, stomach, colon, and joints. Neutralizes the bad effects of coffee.