Ingrid grew up in Brazil in the 4th generation of German-Swedish immigrants. Already in her childhood she felt closely connected with life in nature. Together with her German husband, she raised 3 girls in Sao Paulo on a tropical island. A 3-year sailing trip from Argentina to Spain taught them a lot about nature-based lifestyles, sustainable health care and holistic healing systems. Nutrition and yoga strengthened her thoroughly positive attitude towards life. After returning to a regular life on the South German "mainland", she devoted herself to the training of Yoga and Ayurveda, in addition to the family challenges. Two 3-month study visits to Indian ashrams brought Ingrid the Master of Yoga and a further 2 years of practical training she completed as a certified Ayurveda therapist in Brazil.

With her well-founded Ayur-Yoga competences she is giving regular Yoga classes since more than 10 years and teaches people "Cooking with the senses", in which she shows how to combine tasty food, joy of cooking and conscious health care in a pleasurable way.