The colorful miracle weapons of plants

The colorful miracle weapons of plants

Secondary plant substances are part of all plants and protect them from predators such as bacteria and fungi and represent a kind of plant immune system. For us humans, they are probably the tastiest and most colorful ingredient on the plate and explain a large part of the healthy effects of fruit and vegetables .

The secondary plant substances are divided into around 100,000 chemical compounds, which as such only occur in plants and have so far hardly been chemically synthesizable. We know carotenoids from carrots and as carotene or vitamin A. You may know flavonoids from red wine. These plant substances as well as many others such as clucosinulates, monoterpenes, phytosterols and many more. are contained in plants and make them so healthy for us. Different colors are an indication of different active ingredients and in this respect a colorful fruit and vegetable plate is not only beautiful to look at and tasty, but also extremely healthy.

In Ayurvedic cuisine, the colorful variety of colors of spices and different types of vegetables is also used. All senses are addressed and at the same time the digestive effect of the respective plants is used. In the past few days, the Ayurveda masters did not know from scientific analysis that secondary plant substances lower blood pressure, stabilize blood lipid levels, preventively reduce the risk of cancer and delay skin aging, but from the power observation and application over generations.

Harness the power of phytochemicals every day and eat vegetables and fruits of all colors, shapes and sizes. Don't just use salt and pepper to season, but expand the taste horizon of your food. Not only because it tastes good - but above all because it is good for you and helps.

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