Walnut-Orange Chocolate Delights

Walnut-Orange Chocolate Delights

Whether you're looking for a delicious, energising treat or a fancy homemade bring-along for your next dinner party, this easy and healthy sweet hits the spot. After so many people asking us for this recipe, it's finally here!

For this recipe you will need a mixer, a pastry roller (or bottle), a pan and bowl to melt the chocolate and baking paper.

Everything is better with chocolate!


  • 1 cup raising

  • 1 cup walnuts

  • ½ tsp orange zest

  • 2 tsp orange liquor or Aperol

  • a pinch of nutmeg

  • a pinch of salt

  • 150gr dark chocolate

  • 1/2 tsp Madhura Spice Mix
  • 1 tsp coconut oil (optional)


First, melt the dark chocolate with if desired a teaspoon of coconut oil. We like to use 70% chocolate. While the chocolate is melting, blend the raisins, orange liquor, nutmeg, orange zest and a pinch of salt into a paste. Add the walnuts and mix until everything is well combined into a paste and you still have small pieces of walnuts. Then place the dough between two pieces of baking paper and roll out to about 0.5 cm. Remove the top baking paper and pour the melted chocolate evenly over the dough. Sprinkle some more orange zest and salt over the chocolate layer and optionally our MADHURA SPICE MIX. Then place the dough in the refrigerator until the chocolate is firm.

Now place a knife or cookie cutter in warm water, dry it and carefully cut the dough into pieces.

If you warm the cutter, you can cut out the chocolate without breaking it. Store the sweets in the refrigerator or enjoy them directly with your loved ones.


Share this recipes with your friends and let us know how you like it!


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